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Common Misspellings of Radionic Orgonite including Organite, Organites, and Orgonit

orgonite booster

orgonite booster

Karl Welz orgonite inventor - organiteWhen Karl Hans Welz invented orgonite he knew he was on to something extraordinary…

In creating the first substance with the properties of an orgone accumulator with a massive enhancement in performance he changed the world of manifestation and radionics forever.  Over time the registered trademark Orgonite has been subject to many misspellings.  The most common incorrect spellings of orgonite are organite and organites.  Why it is often misspelled in a plural is strange in itself for certain!  It may be a matter of pronunciation that led to the organite / organites misspellings.  Many people miss the pronunciation of the second O in orgOnite and say organite instead.  An incorrect belief in the words relationship to organic might also explain this common misspelling.

The second common misspelling of orgonite is orgonit.

In that misspelling it would be assumed the pronunciation is or-go-nit with a short i rather than the long 1 in orgonite.  What complicates this misspelling is that orgonit would be pronounced with a long i in some other languages, thus to them the spelling seems correct.

Regardless of how you thought orgonite was spelled, be assured that it is “orgonite” and not “organite”, “organites” or “orgonit”.

Whenever you do radionic operations using a radionics machine, you can thank Karl Hans Welz for inventing it in the first place.

Our best uses of orgonite include the RAD-5 Radionics Machine, The RAD 2400HD and the JU 1000 orgone generator.  The use of radionics software is also highly recommended to be paired with an orgone generator for advanced manifestation and radionics operations.

Psionics powered by Radionic Rates and Orgone Energy

psionic power

Psionic power is something anyone would like to have.  Imagine the ability to harness ESP, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and other special abilities.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to bring these abilities about or to improve and sharpen them?

Well, there is and it is radionics.

Using radionics to improve psionics and psionic abilities is a lot easier than you might imagine.  By creating a trend of psionic ability and a trend environment that supports psionics and then directing this trend at a particular target, such as yourself, the psionic abilities are manifested in the target.

The trend and target relationship in radionics can be used for many purposes, certainly the imagination is the only limitation. But the reason that boosting psionic abilities is such a powerful technique is because it becomes a feedback loop.  By improving psionic ability, radionic skill is increased.  With increased radionics skills psionics can be boosted even higher and so on.  

If you need someone to help you there are professionals out there that will do Money Spells for you.

If you already own a radionics device then all you need to do is decide on exploring this new trend.  Remember that a genuine Karl Welz orgonite powered radionics device is the only legitimate equipment to use, such as the hugely popular RAD 2400 HD or for a smaller budget the RAD 2000.