Radionics Machines

radionic machines

I just don’t know what it is about you, but it drives me crazy!

“They laughed when I pointed out the hottest girl in the club and said I would have her.  Then they gasped in jealousy when I left with her an hour later…

Thanks to my Radionics Machine!

Manifest your desires like never before with the new radionics machines from radionicsbox.  These top quality radionic devices are manufactured by HSCTI and designed by the inventor of orgonite and father of orgone radionics, Karl Welz.

Whether you are manifesting a new car or power-bosting your charisma, projecting strength and sexual attraction or influencing the boss to give you that promotion instead of  the other guy…

The BEST radionics machine is your BEST FRIEND!

Behold the power of the best radionic devices on the planet!  Made by the inventor of orgonite Karl Welz.

The top of the line workstation for the individual is called the RAD 2400 HD workstation:

  • can be used as a standalone radionic device OR with the best radionics software (Super Manifestation Ultimate)
  • comes with TC99 transfer couple set.
  • Knobs and plates for TREND and TARGET
  • Orgonite stick pad / rubbing plate to assure accurate radionics rates

The RAD 2400 HD radionics device


For the professional or extreme radionic practitioner – The RAD-5 radionic machine with 5 ultra-powerful independent orgone generators…

  • 5 generators allow for immense flexibility in creating complex radionic operations backed by massive power.
  • Immense life force energy chi generator / orgone generators with independent rate settings
  • trend and target wells and 5 sets of radionic settings
  • orgonite stick pad / rubbing plate for accurate radionic rate settings (you can also use the ring as a stick pad!)

The RAD-5 Top of the Line Radionics Device