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The GPS for All Your Heart’s Desires!

How can this strange and mysterious device help me attract more Money, Success and Loverswith the turn of a knob?  

radionics machine“You just found The Secret Key to HACKING THE UNIVERSE!”

Introducing the:


Are you saying I can manifest ANYTHING I desire???

In a word, YES.

The only catch is that whatever you desire must be POSSIBLE in the first place.  
If you are short and clumsy don’t expect to wake up as Michael Jordan in the morning. 

But, IF you are…

  • up for a promotion competing against 4 other people…
  • going out on the town to meet a new lover…
  • trying to convince your boss of your new plan..
  • playing poker with your friends…
  • making a pitch to a new client…
  • doing a creative project…
  • attempting to influence the public…
  • or working toward any worthy goal or ideal…

Using the equipment and the right technique increases the probability of what is possible.

  • if you are working on fitness you can expect EXCEPTIONAL RESULTS FASTER.
  • You can multiply your odds of success in whatever you set out to achieve.

So, this is like gaming the odds?
BINGO!  It is the “unfair advantage” that a very select few know about…
 and secretly use for their own personal benefit.

Congratulations, YOU just joined that exclusive club.


Control your feelings and your destiny…

This is the greatest personal development discovery in the history of mankind.

This sounds complicated and technical.. Just how am *I* supposed to do this?

The technique is actually SIMPLE, but it requires some practice to completely master.



Manifestation software and orgone equipment powered by genuine Karl Welz orgonite give you the POWER to CONTROL the Law of Attraction and BEND THE UNIVERSE to YOUR will.

super manifestation

It’s Time To Take Charge!

With this amazing technology you can…


By now you may have this strange feeling…

Maybe I stumbled upon this information today for a reason and..
MY  subconscious mind guided  me here…



orgonite for attraction

She rolled her eyes when I purchased my rad 24000 HD and super manifestation ultimate program, but when I got a sudden, unexpected promotion and a raise she totally freaked out.

Have you ever met someone who just seems to get everything so easily?  How did it make you feel as you were wondering just how that person seemed to have such an advantage in any situation?  Did you say to yourself “I wish I could do that” or “I wish I knew how he is so lucky”?  There is a good chance that person had a device made by Karl Welz.  This person likely is using this “forbidden” technology.  



Maybe you have heard of the legendary “wishing machine top secret black box”, but a wishing machines does not have a orgone generator built in.  That means it does not have a steady stream of life force energy to power and fuel the manifestation of the desire.  That is like using a car with no gasoline.  You can push the car around, but powered with gasoline it becomes much faster and easier.






What will YOU do with it?

Now you can be judge and jury presiding over the “Law of Attraction” and manifest your desires at will!radionics software


radionic machine

The life you want to live.. is yours for the taking

“Orgone energy makes the Law of Attraction work for YOU by using the Welz Chi Generator to generate Life Force!”

Would you like to attract a new love?  A new job?  Wealth? Fame?  

Anything that is POSSIBLE can become MORE PROBABLE by using the power of manifestation and the Welz Chi Generator.  

By generating a large field of chi energy and directing it to a your manifestion…


RAD 2400 HD

My luck is off the chain thanks to my RAD 2400 HD! I LOVE IT!

WITH RAD 2400HD ( the best radionics machine for sale) ORDERS and up WE PROVIDE FREE PERSONAL TRAINING and  Q&A VIA PHONE OR SKYPE!

Some dealers just sell you, take your money and hide.  We care about your success and will make sure you know how to use your new manifestation device and software!!!


Who would you like to get support from…someone who is just a seller.. or the people that actually WROTE THE PROGRAMS?

WE KNOW what it takes to get the most out of these device and we can train you with our powerful manifestation techniques to make sure you know EXACTLY how to use your new radionics device and software!

DON’T GET SCAMMED BY COPYCATS AND FAKES!  There are a lot of phony wishing machine devices out there.  Don’t fall prey to the scammers.  If it is not a Karl Welz HSCTI / BEC device it is a fake knockoff that will be ineffective at best and harmful at worst.  There is only one real, genuine orgone manifestation line of devices and software: ORIGINAL GENUINE WELZ RADIONICS BOXES, CHI GENERATORS AND SOFTWARE!   Only Karl Hans Welz invented the orgone generator, orgonite and orgone radionics.


We answer your emails and questions.  We actually put our phone number on the page.  

We take your calls and will call you back. You can also text (TEXT MSG USA ONLY).

 Enter the Manifestation Super-Store<

“A genuine Karl Welz instrument is a unique and powerful piece of equipment that is used to alter probabilities and turn them to your favor and direct outcomes to manifest your desires.”

radionics ATG 12000

By generating a powerful field of life force with the Welz Chi Generator the radionic instrument rates which are tied to a thought form are given the power to manifest in the physical world.  This is real scientific magick, not what you see in the movies.

THIS IS NOT HARRY POTTER. THIS IS THE REAL MAGICK!  This is about the subconscious connecting to the universal mind and altering the “reality” of the world at its most fundamental level.  It is like hacking the source code of the universal matrix.  There are no potions or chants, just a basic principle of connecting desires to physical manifestation using a powerful technique and technology.

“Rather than being complicated and ceremonial it is quite simple, direct and… surgical.”

manifest success

“I am in the corner office now. But,I still don’t tell people at work about my ATG-12000 Device.”

By now you may well be asking yourself how you can start gaming the system we call the world and bending reality to favor your desires so read on and learn more about the science that THEY don’t want YOU to KNOW ABOUT!

A technology SO POWERFUL… THEY don’t want YOU to have it!

“THEY” really don’t.. and once you do you may want to keep the top secret equipment secret yourself!

NOTICE: This top secret scalar energy manifestation technology is BANNED in many countries! Governments do not want the people to have technology this powerful.  It is so FEARED that it is actually punishable by death in some mid-East countries.  International customers: For your safety we classify these devices as “Frequency Generators”, in declarations.

This is the Secret

This is the Secret Governments around the world are trying their best to suppress.

Now you can control your destiny using our radionics training and Life Force technology!  With our Super Manifestation Ultimate software it has never been easier to master! And with the Welz Chi Generator your success is assured!

Are you excited?

You should be!

Get ready to take the next step into a world of radionics and its rapid manifestation possibilities and start living the life you always dreamed about.

radionics software

Manifestation Programs

Take A Gigantic Step into YOUR POWERFUL NEW Future !!!

Mesmer built the first accumulator of life force we know of (in the West) – which accumulated “animal magnetism” today the French healers call it “magnétisme personnel” – Wilhelm Reich improved the scientific explanation and the structure. He knew about Mesmer – because as a student of Freud he also studied hypnosis and everybody who studies hypnosis in Austria and Germany learned and still learns about Mesmer.

Wilhelm Reich also knew about Karl von Reichenbach who called it “Od” and based on his observations and also knowing how life force functions in magic Karl Welz could invent the generator of life force, or ORGONE GENERATOR.

First there was the orgone accumulator,a device that accumulated life force from its surroundings….

Karl Hans Welz invented the orgone generator.

Karl Welz applied radionic principles and built on Reich’s research and invented ORGONITE to generate massive amounts of chi energy and applied this energy to radionic instrument manifestation!

You have reached
The #1 Premier Destination for
Genuine Welz Radionics Devices


“There is no advantage like the Genuine Welz Advantage!” 

“There is no substitute for Genuine HSCTI equipment and software!”

If you are already familiar with the equipment and are looking for the best price and most complete customer service from Karl Welz #1 Official USA distributor…


Radionics software we are the developers for HSCTI.

We proudly present the all new line of manifestation software for Windows 10 from HSCTI!
Manifestation Pro
Super Manifestation Ultimate 2.1

We make sure you know…


Welcome to the scalar quantum reality, a reality that you can shape to your desires.

Enter an amazing magical dimension that you never even dared to dream was possible…

…with a Welz instrument and a dimension where your thoughts amplified with the power of life force become things..

You may have heard of quantum physics and the power of affirmative thought…


radionics-machineNow, imagine that same power discussed in movies like
“What the Bleep Do We Know?”
and “The Secret”….
only AMPLIFIED with the POWER of life force.


It is the power to manifest what you want in life.

It is the advantage over chance alone.

It is radionic magick without the ritual, scientifically dissected into a practical application of altering reality.

It is applying ancient wisdom to an ultra-modern technology

For questions, a consultation or demonstration

Click here to contact me to set up an appointment

secret orgone scalar energy technology

It’s MY Secret to Success!

My customers get my personal support.
That is why you want to shop here instead of anywhere else.

Shop with confidence and confidentiality:
I will never give your information to anyone
except Karl Welz factory shipping department.

I also care about your success.
Large purchases are accompanied by my personal phone/Skype lessons and support.

What I know can make the difference between success
and failure using this technology…

I want to help you experience experience success with radionics.

NOTE! Scalar Integra lighting has nothing to do with manifestation and  is not genuine Karl Welz equipment.

She lost control on our FIRST date! That was the night we met! OMG This Super Manifestation Program RULES!

She lost control on our FIRST date! That was the night we met! OMG This Super Manifestation Program RULES!

With the power of life force generation you will always
gain an advantage in any situation.

This is a Powerful Technology for Creating Profound Positive Change in Your Life.

You can Manifest your desires with greater ease than ever before!  There are no radionics machines you can make that match the power of genuine KARL WELZ equipment!

  • We ONLY Carry Genuine Karl Welz Equipment and accessories
  • ask us about used radionics equipment

The Welz Chi generator was the very first powered orgone generator in the world used in the RAD 2400HD, RAD 5, ATG 12000, RAD 1000, RAD 2000, JU 1000, performer 2400 and all other genuine HSCTI Welz radionic devices.

RAD 5 Radionics Machine

I Attract Money Like CRAZY with My RAD 5 Radionic Machine





If you are looking for a light and sound mind machine


Radionics is the POWER to Manifest Your Desires with orgone energy and ORGONITE

Orgonite is the secret ingredient that makes the orgone generator so powerful when it comes to generating life force.

rad 5 radionics

rad 5 radionics

Each generator of the RAD 5 is switched on and off individually.  Moreover, the RAD 5 is an Aqua Optimizer, i.e., you can use the ATG 5 to make living water, which is charged with Chi energy.  Moreover, you can charge this water with any type of effect, which you desires, and which you can transfer radionically:  Set up the manifestation program, set the dials of the RAD 5 exactly the same way as indicated in the radionics settings of the radionics software, and charge then the water while the software is running on your PC.  The water will keep the radionics charge for good.


Therefore, the RAD 5 means scores of choices and consequently ultimate flexibility

Most radionics machines and other devices for manifestation have one setting, rate, or “frequency”. This setting refers to a specific desired action, or trend.
The RAD 2400 series from HSCTI has one set of three dials for the trend and one set of three dials for the target of the operation. This is still in line with many other radionics devices on the market where you find one well for the person and another well for the “treatment”.

Orgone energy spiritual concept variously described as an esoteric energy or hypothetical universal life force. Originally proposed in the 1930s by Wilhelm Reich,[8][9][10] and developed by Reich’s student Charles Kelley after Reich’s death in 1957, orgone was conceived as the anti-entropic principle of the universe, a creative substratum in all of nature comparable to Mesmer’s animal magnetism (1779), to the Odic force (1845) of Carl Reichenbach and to Henri Bergson’s élan vital (1907).[11] Orgone was seen as a massless, omnipresent substance, similar to luminiferous aether, but more closely associated with living energy than with inert matter. It could allegedly coalesce to create organization on all scales, from the smallest microscopic units—called “bions” in orgone theory—to macroscopic structures like organisms, clouds, or even galaxies.[12]

Reich stated that deficits or constrictions in bodily orgone were at the root of many diseases, much as deficits or constrictions in the libido could produce neuroses in Freudian theory. Reich founded the Orgone Institute ca. 1942[13] to pursue research into orgone energy after he immigrated to the US in 1939, and used it to publish literature and distribute material relating to the topic for more than a decade. Reich designed special “orgone accumulators”—devices ostensibly collecting and storing orgone energy from the environment—for improvement of general health or even for weather control.[8] Ultimately, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) obtained a federal injunction barring the interstate distribution of orgone-related materials, on the grounds that Reich and his associates were making false and misleading claims, and later jailed Reich and destroyed all orgone-related materials at the institute after Reich violated the injunction.[9] Reich rescinded the claim that accumulator could provide orgastic potency,[14] but this was not enough to stop the action.

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health lists orgone as a type of “putative energy”.[15] After Reich’s death research into the concept of orgone passed to some of his students such as Kelley and later to a new generation of scientists in Germany keen to discover an empirical basis for the orgone hypothesis, (the first positive results of which were provided in 1989 by Stefan Muschenich).[16] There is no empirical support for the concept of orgone in medicine or the physical sciences,[4] and research into the concept ceased with the end of the Institute.

Radionic instruments
Radionics (also called electromagnetic therapy (EMT)) is a form of alternative medicine that claims disease can be diagnosed and treated by applying electromagnetic radiation (EMR), such as radio waves, to the body from an electrically powered device.[1] It is similar to magnet therapy which also applies EMR to the body, but using a magnet that generates a static electromagnetic field.[1][2]

The concept behind radionics originated in the early 1900s with Albert Abrams (1864–1924), who became a millionaire by leasing radionic machines which he designed himself.[1] Radionics contradicts the principles of physics and biology and, as such, is widely considered pseudoscientific.[3] The United States Food and Drug Administration does not recognize any legitimate medical uses for radionic devices.[1][3][4]

The claims for radionic devices contradict the accepted principles of biology and physics. No scientifically verifiable mechanisms of function for these devices has been posited, and they are often described as “magical” in operation. No plausible biophysical basis for the “putative energy fields” has been proposed, and neither the fields themselves nor their purported therapeutic effects have been convincingly demonstrated.[13]

No radionic device has been found efficacious in the diagnosis or treatment of any disease, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration does not recognize any legitimate medical uses of any such device.[1] According to David Helwig in The Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine, “most physicians dismiss radionics as quackery.”[3]

Internally, a radionic device is very simple, and may not even form a functional electrical circuit.[7] The wiring in the analysis device is simply used as a mystical conduit.[14] A radionic device does not use or need electric power, though a power cord may be provided, ostensibly to determine a “base rate” on which the device operates to attempt to heal a subject.[15] Typically, little attempt is made to define or describe what, if anything, is flowing along the wires and being measured. Energy in the physical sense, i.e., energy that can be sensed and measured, is viewed as subordinate to intent and “creative action”.[14]

Claims about contemporary EMT devices are similar to those made by the older generation of “radionics” devices, and are also not supported by evidence and are also pseudoscientific.[16][17][5] Even though some of the early works in bioelectromagnetics have been applied in clinical medicine, there is no relationship between alternative devices or methods which use externally applied electrical forces and the use of electromagnetic energy in mainstream medicine.[1]

The American Cancer Society says that “relying on electromagnetic treatment alone and avoiding conventional medical care may have serious health consequences.” In some cases the devices may be ineffective and harmful.[1]

What is Orgonite? What is an Orgone Generator and what does that have to do with Radionics?

Orgonite powers your radionics operations with the energy to manifest their outcomes.

How does it work? What does it do?

Karl Hans Welz

The chi generator uses it in its core to generate orgone energy and the generator is engaged.  This energy fuels your radionic manifestation operation.  It provides the necessary power in the same way that gasoline fuels a car engine.

Invented by Karl Welz, Orgonite was a term Mr. Welz himself coined to describe the substance that became the integral ingredient in the development of his advanced life-force generators or orgone generators as they are commonly known.  The chi chi generator has an orgonite core that is also electrically powered to generate the life force or chi.  While there are many fakes out there peddling orgonite necklaces, orgonite pendants, orgonite pyramids and other phony knockoffs, there is only one true orgonite and that is only made by HSCTI Hyperspace Communication Technology International and BEC Bio Energy Corporation which are both official Karl Welz companies owned by Mr. Welz. If someone has orgonite pyramids for sale, is selling orgonite pyramid molds, is talking about how to make an orgonite pyramid or is telling you where to buy orgonite pendants realize that they are all phony fakes.

Some will tell you how to make it, how to make your own orgonite at home or offer tips on  building a orchigone generator.  Realize there is only one true original with the correct formula: genuine Karl Welz, which is used inside orgone generators, tc99 transfer couples, pbt2400 power booster transfer couples and in the rings of the larger manifestation devices: the RAD 5 and ATG 12000.  Nobody but Karl Welz and his staff knows the real formula.

It is important to understand that there is really only one person that makes the real thing.  That man is Karl Hans Welz, the inventor. While there is a growing cacophony or peddlers of inferior would be sellers, there is only one original and genuine article.  Think Rubik’s Cube, how many imitations were out there in the 1980’s?  Lots, and they were all inferior products and fell apart with minimal use.  It is important for you to understand that anything but real, genuine Orgonite made by HSCTI/BEC and Karl Welz is not really orgonite.  And any alleged Guru X’s fake could be dangerous at worst and non effective at best.

inventor of orgonite

in 1992, when Mr. Karl Hans Welz invented a new orgone accumulating material, which he called “orgonite®” he knew is was onto something truly revolutionary. Expanding on the work of Wilhelm Reich, Austrian-American psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, (March 24, 1897 – November 3, 1957) Welz invented a substance exponentially more powerful that Reich’s orgone accumulator. Welz orgonite is significantly more effective than the traditional materials such as layers of steel wool and fiber glass or celotex, and it allowed the manufacture of very small orgone generators and accumulators. This new material, orgonite®, allows to make powerful Chi generators® of very small size such as the Chi generators® of the JU series.  The first EPG 2000 orgone generator™ has been on the market since early 1993. Thousands of these devices have been sold all over the world to persons who decided to gain an edge in their various aspirations. It led to the next development: the power boosters and transfer disks.

So by now I bet you are wondering…What is orgone energy and How can I use it?

Well, it is best used inside a Welz chi generator or in a TC 99 transfer couple or PBT 2400 power booster.  So, you use orgonite by using a Welz Chi Generator.  How does a Welz Chi Generator work? By stimulating the orgonite inside the generator with a specifically designed pulse the material is excited and begins to generate and concentrate orgone energy which then collects at the output pipe.  That orgone energy is now ready to be put a purpose by your mind.  Here are 3 ways to go about this.

Now you can take advantage of genuine orgonite by using a Welz Chi Generator Radionics Device. For beginners we recommend a radionics starter kit which includes a JU1000 device, a meditation DVD and Super Manifestation or a Manifestation program.


Be exited and prepare to change your life using the magick of the future, one manifestation at time with the POWER of chi ENERGY!

Advanced RADIONICS MASTERS may graduate to a super device such as the RAD-5 professional radionics workstation.

Free Love Spells are an option for those that cannot do radionics.

The most important things to understand about orgonite is that YOU can use it to manifest your desires at lightning speed.  With an manifestation device you have the most powerful secret of the law of attraction – life force.  Whether you wish to attract a new love, business success and money, enhanced mind power, mind control over others, psychic abilities, and more the Welz Chi Generator and radionic devices are your fast track to success.    Remember if it is not genuine Welz/BEC/HSCTI it is not the real thing! 

  • Orgonite is a regsitered trademark of Karl Welz/HSCTI/BEC

Common Misspellings of Radionic Orgonite including Organite, Organites, and Orgonit

orgonite booster

orgonite booster

Karl Welz orgonite inventor - organiteWhen Karl Hans Welz invented orgonite he knew he was on to something extraordinary…

In creating the first substance with the properties of an orgone accumulator with a massive enhancement in performance he changed the world of manifestation and radionics forever.  Over time the registered trademark Orgonite has been subject to many misspellings.  The most common incorrect spellings of orgonite are organite and organites.  Why it is often misspelled in a plural is strange in itself for certain!  It may be a matter of pronunciation that led to the organite / organites misspellings.  Many people miss the pronunciation of the second O in orgOnite and say organite instead.  An incorrect belief in the words relationship to organic might also explain this common misspelling.

The second common misspelling of orgonite is orgonit.

In that misspelling it would be assumed the pronunciation is or-go-nit with a short i rather than the long 1 in orgonite.  What complicates this misspelling is that orgonit would be pronounced with a long i in some other languages, thus to them the spelling seems correct.

Regardless of how you thought orgonite was spelled, be assured that it is “orgonite” and not “organite”, “organites” or “orgonit”.

Whenever you do radionic operations using a radionics machine, you can thank Karl Hans Welz for inventing it in the first place.

Our best uses of orgonite include the RAD-5 Radionics Machine, The RAD 2400HD and the JU 1000 orgone generator.  The use of radionics software is also highly recommended to be paired with an orgone generator for advanced manifestation and radionics operations.

RAD 2400HD Power Radionics Device

RAD 2400 HD
Power Radionics Device

The purpose of a Radionics Device or Radionics Program is to establish structural links. The purpose of a Chi Generator® is the generating of life force, or Chi energy.Therefore, all radionics devices from HSCTI have a built-in Chi Generator® (orgone generator®) to provide the power necessary for effective action at a distance! The ATGS 3000 and RAD 5 are donut-shaped Chi Generators®. Their output pipes point to the center. Their frequency settings are radionics settings.

The RAD 2400 HD – Super Heavy Duty Power Radionics™ Device de Luxe – Top of the Line Orgone Radionics™ Device

The RAD 2400 HD is a Super Heavy Duty Power Radionics™ Device. It has a built-in powerful heavy duty Chi Generator®, the same as in the LPOG 2400 HD and Performer 2400. It features a stick pad of orgonite®. Use three dials to set the rate for the target, three dials to set the rate for the trend, or desired action. The other two dials set the pulse of the built-in LPOM module (Low Pulse Orgone Module). The RAD 2400 HD to the left has a potency booster on its output pipe.

The addition of pulsed life force (orgone, Chi) to radionics makes it a reliable and effective tool to help in your achieving success. The built in Low Pulse Module has 6 low pulse frequencies, plus the option of continuous settings. More about orgone that is pulsed in brain wave frequencies, see the description below.

rad 2400HD Theta 3.5 HZfor Super Learning, especially of Languages
rad 2400HD Theta 6.3 Hz — for Super Learning and to Boost Memory
rad 2400HD Alpha 7.83 Hz — Earth Resonance! For Invention, Creativity
rad 2400HD Alpha 7.0 Hz — to enhance ESP (Extra Sensory Projection)
rad 2400HD Alpha 10.0 Hz — for Centering Yourself and for general Purpose
rad 2400HD Beta 14.1 Hz — Efficiency in daily activities, mental and physical energy
rad 2400HD Continuous Settings, approx. 0.5 – 900 Hz — same as the ESM 2000


The front panel has input and output jacks for exterior stick pads and exterior wells,  These jacks can also serve to connect several Orgon Radionics devices to each other for more power and versatility.  The other two jacks: the power jack to the right of the switch, and the “input EPU” jack for an exterior pulse, for instance coming from the EPM – Exterior Precision Module which more than doubles the output – see below.

rad 2400HD
This awesome new technology adds continuous and very powerful life force to your radionic settings for the most rapid success possible!  For increased flexibility and at least double the power, you can connect the exterior module (the EPM 2400) to the second orgone generating unit inside the RAD 2400 HD!

A built-in Voltage Regulator eliminates the “ripple” from the AC-DC converter and keeps the voltage at a steady 8V DC.  Elimination of the “ripple” is ideal when it comes to energizing your body!
Power supply:  AC-DC converter, 12V, 200mA or higher.

Use archaetypal or astrology-based filter cards or the Super Manifestation or Power Radionics Jr porgram  to provide any activity you desire with maximum versatility and effectiveness !!!

rad 2400HD
The RAD 2400 HD comes with a free TC 99 Transfer Couple.


rad 2400HD
The PBT 2400 Power Booster with Transfer Disk adds more than 30% of power output.

About Low Frequencies, Mind Machines, the Performer 2400,
the EPM 2400, and the LPOG 2400 and RAD 2400 series

For you to appreciate the special characteristics of the RAD 2400 HD as well as the other devices with low frequency options, it is useful for you to know about low frequency technology.  In fact, the most important method of effective self-help prior to the invention of the Chi Generator by Karl Hans Welz resulted from new knowledge of the working of the human brain.  It has been well established that every thought, feeling, sensation, and level of awareness has a corresponding brain wave pattern, or frequency.  Consequently, you can determine the level of awareness that you want to harness for your success by controlling your brain waves.  We know of Alpha, Beta, Theta, and Delta brain waves, all in the low frequency range from approximately 1 Hz to 30 Hz (cycles per second). Gamma frequencies are above 30 Hz.

This method of controlling brain waves with low frequency input is not new at all.  In the 1930’s researchers found that repetitive light stimulation caused brain waves to adjust to the same frequency.  For decades now, some “new age gurus” and other cult leaders made extensive use of repetitive sound pulses, often of the inaudible and subliminal kind. This helps them to cause their captive audiences to be more receptive to their preaching.  Much earlier than that, as far back in time as the very dawn of humankind, shamans used drumming (repetitive pulses, or beats, of low frequency) to put their audiences into altered states and to cause them to have experiences that they would not have in their normal state of daily activities. In our times, this type of pulse, or “beat” is used in many events where the capturing of audiences and the temporary control of their habits (or minds) is considered to be important, such as in fashion shows, exercise machine advertising, TV commercials, military training, church meetings, and infomercial pitches to the public, to name just a few.

You can find a variety of good Light-Sound (LS) devices on the market today. A LS-device typically stimulates the brain indirectly with light flashes through goggles and sound stimuli (beats) through earphones.  These stimuli will cause the brain to adjust to the frequency  of the flashes and sounds and consequently generate the corresponding level of awareness.  All LS-devices have a serious flaw:  They depend on earphones and goggles to be effective.  In other words:  if you want to access a specific level of awareness such as charismatic appearance, calm, or creativity, you need to get the stimuli through earphones and goggles.

It is obvious that you cannot wear these LS-devices in many situations where you really need them!  Just imagine appearing on a date, an important business meeting, or a sports event with an LS-contraption on your head! And you cannot do creative writing, or art, either while using a LS-device on your head.  You have to take it off your head, and then your brain waves will adjust back to their usual state.

That’s exactly where the RAD 2400 HD makes a difference – a big one!!! By now it is well-established that the technology of the Chi Generator® is far superior over the conventional type light-sound mind machines.  The reasons are obvious:  You can set up the Chi Generator® to emit Low Pulse Orgone in the exact frequency of brain waves: Alpha, Beta, Theta, or Delta.  When you are in a field of LPO (Low Pulse Orgone, or Chi), your brain can adjust to its frequency instantly.  This is so, because the detour over sensory perceptions or questionable electric mini-shocks (as in a couple of more recent devices) is no longer necessary.  Life force in brain wave frequencies means a more effective impact and therefore faster results.  You can achieve the corresponding states of mind in an instant. The most striking advantage of our LPO technology over conventional type mind machines is the fact that you can project LPO (Low Pulse Orgone) at any distance! Simply use a structural link such as the transfer disk of the RAD 2400 HD or of the PBT 2400 power boosters, put it into your pocket, set your RAD 2400 HD at the desired pulse speed, and go to a business meeting, on a date, to the gym, to a sports competition, or anywhere else.  Nobody will notice your invisible helper!  That’s all!  You can relax or go about your usual business at any place.

There is certainly no need for you to have those cumbersome and ridiculous goggles, earphones, or other contraptions, on your head ever again!

Use archaetypal or astrology-based filters, the Power Radionics Jr. or Super Manifestation to power up any activity you desire !!!

The extensive manual that comes with your RAD 2400 HD will introduce you to the uses above, and then some!

Silver tubing for output: Silver is a favorite of all  orgone radionics professionals when it comes to energizing the body


JU 1000 chi generator – Junior 1000

Ju 1000 orgone generator for radionics operations.  Works great with our radionics software

Mind Power and Mind Control using Radionics, Orgone Energy and Life Force Generators

Mind Control – Mind Power – Orgonite – Orgone Energy  – Radionics

Mind control was once something out of the reach of most people.  The idea that one can use the power of the mind to control oneself or others is not new, but has always been elusive in practice.  Mind power is having control over the subconscious and conscious mind.  This is of course, a very desirable thing for anyone.  But how can one take advantage of mind power and mind control?  Well, now there is a new answer to that question.  The answer is technology.  That’s right, technology is the answer.  In 1994 Karl Welz invented the life force generator or chi generator (also referred to as the orgone generator).  This revolutionary device was capable of generating large amounts of life force in a short amount of time.  Welz, a scientist, immediately recognized the vast potential for the life force generator to open up the possibilities of mind power.  Using life force to control ones mind or the minds of others was previously reserved for a very few highly trained individuals.  With the advent of the life force generator anyone can have mind power and use mind control to their own advantage.  By now, you might be wondering exactly how this is done and how you can go about doing it yourself.  The short answer is Radionics. Radionics is action at a distance or an influence at a distance.  So, you could use radionics to influence at a distance your own mind or the minds of others.  Radionics mind control is based on the idea that a TREND (outcome / influence / mind control ) is directed to a TARGET ( yourself, another person, a group etc.).

Radionics connects the trend to the target and this connection is powered by a field of life force energy, a.k.a. ORGONE ENERGY.

So, one can influence the mind of oneself or others ( mind control )  by attaching a trend (influence) to a target (receiver or the influence) using a life force generator.  This process is called radionics.

So, I bet you are wondering how you can start doing this NOW.  The good news is YOU CAN.  It all starts with a Welz Chi Generator and The Super Manifestation Ultimate Software.  You may wish to take a look at this bundle:  JU 1000 Chi Generator and Super Manifestation Ultimate Radionics Software.

I will now explain exactly how to use radionics for mind control by utilizing the Welz JU 1000 and the Super Manifestation Ultimate Radionics software.

To begin I will outline the steps to Radionic Mind Control and Mind Power Techniques:

  1. Set up the JU 1000 Chi Generator by placing it on a table or shelf at least 3-4 feet off the ground.  The table or shelf etc. should NOT BE MADE OF METAL.  Never run your chi generator on a metal table, one with metal legs or near a large metal object such as a washer/dryer, refrigerator, or large metal lamp.  A wood stand or table is perfect, plastic works also, as well as stone as long as it does not contain metals.  The reason is that the energy will “ground out” if it is too close to a large piece of metal.
  2. Turn on the JU 1000 by plugging in the AC Adapter – the indicator light will blink when power is applied
  3. Select a frequency for the orgone generator to pulse – if you do not know what to set it to 7.83 is a great, general purpose frequency good for just about anything.
  4. Place your TRANSFER DIAGRAM on the JU 1000 or other Welz Life Force Generator.  It can be placed on the output pipe or on top of the machine.
  5. On your PC start the Super Manifestation Ultimate software and go to the main window.
  6. You may choose to load a starter operation and customize it (adding your trend picture, text intention descriptions and dialing the rates) or create an operation from scratch.  (How to use the software is covered in the video lessons and will also be covered in future article posts on  A new post regarding dialing radionic rates will be posted soon also.  Setting up the operation does require proper mental discipline that will be explained in a future post as well.  Beginners can also get personalized radionics lessons via phone (USA) or SKYPE (international).
  7. Run the operation.  The amount of time you run the operation will depend on the exact purpose and parameters of the operation.

Now that you understand how Mind Control can be achieved using Mind Power and Life Force Generators and radionics you are prepared to open the door to a new future that places you firmly in control of your destiny. You can also get white magic help with White Magic Spells.

About Radionics

Welz Orgone Radionics™ Makes it All Possible !!!

Welcome to this exciting new technology that is designed to make for you the difference between average results and Total Success!!!
About Welz Orgone Radionics

Radionics was first discovered more than a century ago. It is technology that makes use of abstractions (in the form of radionic rates, i.e., settings of the dials on the radionics device) to help you project energy (life force, orgone) and trends (that give inclination to desired effects or results) at any distance. We show in the transfer test that distance is irrelevant in work with radionics. You can use the radionics device to project energy and trends to yourself and to others. This fact makes radionics a powerful tool in your hands, provided that you have the open mind to make use of this extraordinary new technology.

We will show you here that such projection is possible with the help of life force and structural links. In the case of Welz Orgone Radionics™, these structural links are of a purely abstract nature in the form of radionics settings, or “rates”. In other words: Using the characteristics of life force (orgone energy), I found an extremely simple explanation of the technology of radionics: Radionics can now easily be explained as a direct consequence of the characteristics of life force: Its transfer at any distance by way of structural links and its negative entropy. Older, rather ludicrous, assumptions concerning radionics, which are mostly resulting from esoteric or philosophical speculations, such as non-measurable “radionic frequencies”, higher planes, astral energies, morphogenetic fields and the like are no longer necessary for a scientific explanation of the amazing effects of radionics!

Welz Orgone Radionics™ is the logical consequence of our new understanding of radionics:
While the purpose of the radionics device is the establishing of structural links, the purpose of the orgone generator® (Chi Generator®, a generator of life force that I invented) is to provide the radionics device with massive life energy so that you can achieve far reaching results faster, easier, and more effectively than ever before!

This combination of the new Chi Generator® with the radionics device, i.e., Welz Orgone Radionics™, opened the door to many new ways to benefit from radionics more effectively than ever before. This is the reason why the new Welz Orgone Radionics™ Devices are truly “magical” tools with near-infinite potential!
Important: Sometimes, in the course of your work, you will be introduced to words and techniques that may or may not cause subconscious fears and doubts in some people.  One of these words is “magic”. Actually, what some people call “magic” is action at a distance that you can achieve with the help of structural links and life force, i.e., it is functionally identical with radionics. You will learn more about structural links later!  It is a well-known fact that such fears and doubts were originally implanted by the same people who used these methods extensively towards their own selfish ends. Ignorance was always the safest method to dominate large parts of the population! So we decided to use the word “magic” and other, similar words, whenever it is the best method to describe what’s happening when you work to achieve positive permanent solutions.

More Facts About Welz Orgone Radionics™ Technology
The Radionics Device and/or the Manifestation Program that is powered by a Chi Generator® is exciting new technology, which is designed to help you get an assured technological edge in your personal matters, business dealings, prosperity, sports performance, relationships, and sex!  Best is a combination of the three:  program, radionics device, and Chi Generator®.

While the Radionics Devices and Computer Radionics Programs establish structural links, the Chi Generators® (orgone generators®) provide the power that is necessary to connect the desired trend energy with the envisioned target.  Consequently, if you feel that you are just falling short of everything, Orgone Boosted Radionics, i.e., Welz Orgone Radionics™, can give you this extra assistance that you need to have your dreams and desires come true.

In the following, I will introduce you to the basic principles, or theory, of this awesome technology first, then I will present you with Welz Orgone Radionics™ equipment that is designed according to the most advanced scientific principles and research in Welz Orgone Radionics™:  machines and computer programs that are on the forefront of life force technology and radionics.