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A more powerful love spell using orgone radionics


The traditional love spell is something that requires training and a lot of specific information, not to mention a knowledge of moon phases and other esoteric information.  For most people that are interested in love spells their choices are normally limited to hiring a magician or witch or perhaps a practitioner of black magick.  Let’s face it that scares off most people.  But there is an easier way and it is called radionics.

Radionics is powered by orgone energy and the most potent source of orgon is orgonite.  This is due to its incredible properties of collecting live force energy or “chi energy”.  In fact it is a key ingredient of the Welz Chi Generator created by Karl Hans Welz.

A love spell is as simple as connecting a trend (to fall in love) with a target (the person targeted) and providing the life force energy to make the operation manifest.

There are 2 ways of going about this.

1. Use radionics software

2. Use a radionics device such as the RAD-5 or RAD 1000 combined with radionic filter packs.

Both of these methods really simplifies the process of the love spell and avoids any involvement with black magick.

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Using Psychotronics to Manifest Your Desires?

Manifestation can be boosted with the aid of a chi generator as you may well know by now.  Readers have been asking lately about the use of psychotronics machines for manifestation.  Quite simply radionics devices with chi generators are a form of psychotronic device.  The Welz chi generator and its powerful field of life force energy will amplify and boost psychic abilities if that is the desired radionic trend.

Mind Power and Mind Control using Radionics, Orgone Energy and Life Force Generators

Mind Control – Mind Power – Orgonite – Orgone Energy  – Radionics

Mind control was once something out of the reach of most people.  The idea that one can use the power of the mind to control oneself or others is not new, but has always been elusive in practice.  Mind power is having control over the subconscious and conscious mind.  This is of course, a very desirable thing for anyone.  But how can one take advantage of mind power and mind control?  Well, now there is a new answer to that question.  The answer is technology.  That’s right, technology is the answer.  In 1994 Karl Welz invented the life force generator or chi generator (also referred to as the orgone generator).  This revolutionary device was capable of generating large amounts of life force in a short amount of time.  Welz, a scientist, immediately recognized the vast potential for the life force generator to open up the possibilities of mind power.  Using life force to control ones mind or the minds of others was previously reserved for a very few highly trained individuals.  With the advent of the life force generator anyone can have mind power and use mind control to their own advantage.  By now, you might be wondering exactly how this is done and how you can go about doing it yourself.  The short answer is Radionics. Radionics is action at a distance or an influence at a distance.  So, you could use radionics to influence at a distance your own mind or the minds of others.  Radionics mind control is based on the idea that a TREND (outcome / influence / mind control ) is directed to a TARGET ( yourself, another person, a group etc.).

Radionics connects the trend to the target and this connection is powered by a field of life force energy, a.k.a. ORGONE ENERGY.

So, one can influence the mind of oneself or others ( mind control )  by attaching a trend (influence) to a target (receiver or the influence) using a life force generator.  This process is called radionics.

So, I bet you are wondering how you can start doing this NOW.  The good news is YOU CAN.  It all starts with a Welz Chi Generator and The Super Manifestation Ultimate Software.  You may wish to take a look at this bundle:  JU 1000 Chi Generator and Super Manifestation Ultimate Radionics Software.

I will now explain exactly how to use radionics for mind control by utilizing the Welz JU 1000 and the Super Manifestation Ultimate Radionics software.

To begin I will outline the steps to Radionic Mind Control and Mind Power Techniques:

  1. Set up the JU 1000 Chi Generator by placing it on a table or shelf at least 3-4 feet off the ground.  The table or shelf etc. should NOT BE MADE OF METAL.  Never run your chi generator on a metal table, one with metal legs or near a large metal object such as a washer/dryer, refrigerator, or large metal lamp.  A wood stand or table is perfect, plastic works also, as well as stone as long as it does not contain metals.  The reason is that the energy will “ground out” if it is too close to a large piece of metal.
  2. Turn on the JU 1000 by plugging in the AC Adapter – the indicator light will blink when power is applied
  3. Select a frequency for the orgone generator to pulse – if you do not know what to set it to 7.83 is a great, general purpose frequency good for just about anything.
  4. Place your TRANSFER DIAGRAM on the JU 1000 or other Welz Life Force Generator.  It can be placed on the output pipe or on top of the machine.
  5. On your PC start the Super Manifestation Ultimate software and go to the main window.
  6. You may choose to load a starter operation and customize it (adding your trend picture, text intention descriptions and dialing the rates) or create an operation from scratch.  (How to use the software is covered in the video lessons and will also be covered in future article posts on  A new post regarding dialing radionic rates will be posted soon also.  Setting up the operation does require proper mental discipline that will be explained in a future post as well.  Beginners can also get personalized radionics lessons via phone (USA) or SKYPE (international).
  7. Run the operation.  The amount of time you run the operation will depend on the exact purpose and parameters of the operation.

Now that you understand how Mind Control can be achieved using Mind Power and Life Force Generators and radionics you are prepared to open the door to a new future that places you firmly in control of your destiny. You can also get white magic help with White Magic Spells.