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A more powerful love spell using orgone radionics


The traditional love spell is something that requires training and a lot of specific information, not to mention a knowledge of moon phases and other esoteric information.  For most people that are interested in love spells their choices are normally limited to hiring a magician or witch or perhaps a practitioner of black magick.  Let’s face it that scares off most people.  But there is an easier way and it is called radionics.

Radionics is powered by orgone energy and the most potent source of orgon is orgonite.  This is due to its incredible properties of collecting live force energy or “chi energy”.  In fact it is a key ingredient of the Welz Chi Generator created by Karl Hans Welz.

A love spell is as simple as connecting a trend (to fall in love) with a target (the person targeted) and providing the life force energy to make the operation manifest.

There are 2 ways of going about this.

1. Use radionics software

2. Use a radionics device such as the RAD-5 or RAD 1000 combined with radionic filter packs.

Both of these methods really simplifies the process of the love spell and avoids any involvement with black magick.

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Super Manifestation Ultimate for use with Welz Chi Generators – about to be released!

Super Manifestation Ultimate


Yes, it is true. After almost a year of development Super Manifestation Ultimate is about to be released. This new version is a huge departure from the previous, Super Manifestation 4.2, taking manifestation and radionics to yet an even higher level of power.

Here are a few of the new features and enhancements in Super Manifestation Ultimate.

Ultimate edition boasts powerful new features such as barrage, a rapid fire array of up to 12 operations that run in succession and repeat continuously. Each operation can be 1 – 600 minutes long for ultimate flexibility. Super Manifestation Ultimate also allows you to place up to 28 positions (4.2 was 22). Postion size is adjustable with three choices, small, normal, and large. Small is very helpful when dealing with large multi-position operations. Daily mode has been enhanced and perfected. Now you can program a set of up to 6 operations to run at scheduled times repeating every day. Previously this was an unsupported bonus feature that had some compatibility issues.  Operation files are stored in a new format that contains all of the images within the file.   The program also remembers your chi transfer diagram so you do not have to reload it when you use the program unless you are running a second instance in which case an alternate transfer can be loaded using the ADVANCED screen.  Image packs, sound packs, operation packs, ultimode packs, images, folders of images can all be IMPORTED using the import screen.   This allows the user to choose which image packs and operation templates to purchase.

A new and very exciting feature is called, Ultimode.  Ultimode allows for loading animated backgrounds in our .UMD format.  The program includes one free ultimode file.  Several are in development and will be available at and exclusively.

If upgrading be sure to leave your Super Manifestation 4.2 installed so you can import your saved operations.  This feature is available from the import menu.

Whether you are using a JU100 , a RAD 2400 HD , a RAD-5, or any other Welz Chi Generator , Super Manifestation Ultimate is the most powerful Radionics Manifestation software ever created.  We are the official software developers for HSCTI.  For more information contact us.

This post will be updated upon final release.