An updated version of Super Manifestation Ultimate 2.0 2012 is now available.

This update is a maintenance release that contains minor updates to the barrage mode load and save routines as well as the inclusion of the Quantum Template and supporting files in the download package.  This release resolves a minor issue in regards to operation run times after recalling a saved barrage file.  In some instances when loading a barrage file the run times would not update and would instead default to 5 minutes each.  This update corrects that potential issue.  For convenience the quantum template has been added to the operations OPAK folder for easy import following installation of the software.”.

Customers who have purchased Super Manifestation Ultimate 2.0 2012 radionic software program directly from should contact Radionics Box using the online contact form to get this update.  Users who have purchased the software elsewhere should contact HSCTI directly to get a validated authorization to download.  Upon notice from HSCTI RadionicsBox will provide the update free of charge to all validated licensees of the 2.0 2012 software.