Best radionics software for manifestation. Radionic software cyber spell casting

Best radionics software for manifestation. Radionic software cyber spell casting

WELCOME TO the Super Manifestation™ Program! This extraordinary program offers you the ultimate flexibility! In fact, its unique design allows you to emulate any manifestation program on the market, be it, radionic, miracle, spiritual, magical, etc.

Therefore, the Super Manifestation™ Program is exciting new technology that is specifically designed for you so that you have the most powerful and versatile tool to achieve TOTAL SUCCESS !!!

In fact, this extraordinary and powerful technology of manifestation upon which you are about to embark was the result of a thorough understanding of ancient knowledge in the light of modern science. This ancient knowledge can now be explained with ease in the light of the new science of orgone physics, or the physics of life force: By now we know that actions at a distance resulting in influences upon nature and human beings, or trends of destiny, are the result of the properties of life force: namely of negative entropy (reversed entropy) and direct transfer at any distance. Based on this path breaking new understanding of action at a distance combined with his truly revolutionary invention, the Chi Generator®, which is a generator of life force that has never been seen on this planet before, he developed new methods and equipment that makes it possible for you to actually create any trend energy towards anything that you desire. In fact, by now this extremely powerful technology of taking control of your life and destiny is as easy as 1-2-3!

Above all, the Super Manifestation™ program, with all its versatility, ultimate flexibility and power is extremely user friendly and to set it up for any specific purpose is as easy as 1-2-3!

It comes with many templates and it boasts a multitude of backgrounds to choose from.

Load existing files or templates,
Set up programs with up to 22 Positions
Design you own programs and templates
Define the basic function of each position in a template
Emulate any other manifestation program, radionics program, etc.
Describe the specific function in the program
Determine sequence of orgone transfer from position to position
Install specific sound in each position
Set radionic rate in each position, if desired
Edit positions of a template any time
Export function to exchange templates and programs with other users
Set any desired background
Define location on screen of each position
Set timer when the program is to operate
Run many programs simultaneously

Super Manifestation Ultimate Radionics Software Program Top of the Line

The most powerful and versatile radionics software program ever created, Super Manifestation Ultimate 2.1. Designed for Windows 7-10. With powerful features like operation sequencing (aka Barrage Mode), 28 radionic positions and rates, interactive rate dialing with double precision, virtual stickpad, a huge collection of radionic filters and much more.
Now includes massive set of filters, prebuilt operations and more.
This complete bundle includes ALL optional package files, images, backgrounds, sounds and more!

Super Manifestation is the ULTIMATE in Welz Radionics Technology.
This is an instant download version. Shortly you will receive an email with a link to download the software.
You can not use the software without your Chi Transfer Diagram. The Chi Transfer diagram is REQUIRED to run the program!

The Super Manifestation Program Simply Spells Success !!!
Get this extra powerful energy now and take control
of love, money, business, fitness, sports and life itself !!!

The program is designed for operation with a Chi Generator®
(1) The diagram of a typical operation at a distance that lacks the supply of life force, usually because the practitioner is unaware of the importance of life force. Some life force is drawn from the surroundings or the equipment and practitioner. Results are possible. This type operation has a high rate of failure!
(2) The same operation at a distance, when performed by a knowledgeable practitioner who supplies the operation with life force, either his or her own energy using various practices or raising energy together with a group (as in many religious practices). In some more traditional approaches killing (“sacrificing”) a chicken or other animal to release its life force is still practiced. Good results!
(3) The same operation at a distance, with a continuous supply of massive amounts of life force from a Chi Generator®! The continuous supply of life force keeps the projected trend energies going. Results can come fast. Success can be possible also in situations where everything else seems to fail!
Reliable Results!Free Money Spells
The Super Manifestation™ Program goes beyond mere trend- and target settings by including up to 22 more positions, which you can name individually such as basic action, alternative target (can be used for grounding in case of repercussion) and trend in the environment. It is digitally connected with a Generator of Bio Energy (Orgone Generator®, Chi Generator®) for powerful action! Extremely Flexible and Successful!

Manifestation PRO. – The powerful 5 position power radionics program. Manifestation Pro 2012 is based on Super Manifestation Ultimate 2.0 2012, but with some features removed. This program is also limited to 5 positions (SMU is 28) Both programs use internal radionic modeling technology which creates a virtual radionic device in memory. This virtualization goes far beyond moving images on the screen by adapting detailed structural link models devised by Karl Welz and implementing them into this radionic software.