When you are conducting a radionic operation the target is obviously a very important part of the operation.  Here are a few tips to remember.

The only rule…

Rule #1 – BEST PRACTICE:  Only use ONE target per operation.
  If you have multiple targets then conduct a separate operation for each target.  This is where the software programs like Super Manifestation Ultimate come in real handy.  Being able to create, modify and then save multiple versions of a similar operation can be a great time saver and while allowing customization on each operation.  It is also very handy for running the operation a second or third time.

A target must be treated as a single unit, so a person can be a traget, a business, a website etc.  There are times when the target can be a group of people, but they must be represented as a single unit – for example a sports team in a competition.  That said results are often better when individuals are targeted (individual team members) rather than or in addition to – the team as a whole.

How to target using structural links:

If the target is a business then the logo, business card, a picture of the store or website will work nicely.  If the target is a person you can use a photo, a blood sample, nail clippings, a hair sample (with follicles), a signature, or anything similar that connects directly to that person.  When using the software it is a lot simpler.  Just use a digital photo of the person and that person’s name.

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