New ATG 12000 Radionics Device – replacing ATG-12 and ATG-3000 HSCTI


The New ATG 12000 – double the power of the ATGS 3000, more versatility, more simultaneous operations, with Frequency Meter for of precision frequency settings: for planetary frequencies, for radionics frequencies, mind frequencies or any frequency you choose (0.6 Hz – 450 Hz)

ATG 12000 radionics device
ATG 12000 radionics device

The ATG 12000 is by far the most advanced, versatile and powerful work station for trend management: 12 orgone generators in ring shape, each one can be provided with a precision frequency of your choice, which boosts precision of structural linkage based on your abstractions of trend or target (radionics settings). since each of these frequencies can be expressed with thousands of different positions of the three frequency tuning dials, and each setting producing the same frequency of your choice. Complementary precision frequency meter is included. Naturally, you can use this extrordinary powerful equipment to generate very powerful “astrological greenhouses” with ease, and in combination with the super manifestation program or with the manifestation program – or both – you can run 24 simultaneous operations with ease, even more, or you can run single operations with maximal amounts of the power of Chi, orgone or prana: the power, which makes action at a distance possible. You can give each one of the 12 generators a specific frequency representing a basic energy (for instance a planetary energy), a separate transfer diagram, and run up to three simultaneous operations on each one of these generators with a specifically set frequency.

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