Karl Welz

The Welz Chi Generator lets you correct the Feng Shui directional facing of your home or office.  If your home or office has a facing that is not desirable for period 8, then you can use this system to virtually change the facing of your home to the best possible facing for period 8 or add any feng shui influence via structural links.  It works just like traditional radionics except the target is your house or room.  Whether you are using the Super Manifestation Ultimate software or filter cards and written descriptions the powerful life force field will supply the needed chi to counteract any negative feng shui influence!  From the JU1000 to the RAD-5 all genuine Welz Chi Generators can be used to create massive changes in Feng Shui!

Best Indian Astrologer in USA

So, your Feng Shui consultant has done a reading of your new home and it turns out it is a pretty unfortunate alignment!  Are you going to move?  No, now you don’t have to.  Just let the powerful field of life force created by the Welz Chi Generator power a “Feng Shui Greenhouse” around your home virtually altering the directional alignment of the building to the most beneficial facing!