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What is Orgonite and how can I use it?

Orgonite and radionics work together to make manifestation fun, easy and powerful.

A substance wrapped in mystery and shrouded in an invisible energy.

It is important to understand that there is really only one person that makes true, genuine orgonite.  That man is Karl Hans Welz, the inventor of orgonite. While there is a growing cacophony or peddlers of inferior would be “orgonite”, there is only one original and genuine article.  Think Rubik’s Cube, how many imitations were out there in the 1980’s?  Lots, and they were all inferior products and fell apart with minimal use.  It is important for you to understand that anything but real, genuine Orgonite made by HSCTI/BEC and Karl Welz is not really orgonite.  And any alleged Guru X’s fake orgonite could be dangerous at worst and non effective at best.

in 1992, when Mr. Karl Hans Welz invented a new orgone accumulating material, which he called orgonite® he knew is was onto something truly revolutionary. Expanding on the work of Wilhelm Reich, Austrian-American psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, (March 24, 1897 – November 3, 1957) Welz invented a substance exponentially more powerful that Reich’s orgone accumulator. Welz orgonite is significantly more effective than the traditional materials such as layers of steel wool and fiber glass or celotex, and it allowed the manufacture of very small orgone generators and accumulators. This new material, orgonite®, allows to make powerful Chi generators® of very small size such as the Chi generators® of the JU series.  The first EPG 2000 orgone generator™ has been on the market since early 1993. Thousands of these devices have been sold all over the world to persons who decided to gain an edge in their various aspirations. It led to the next development: the power boosters and transfer disks.


So by now I bet you are wondering… How can I use orgonite?

The RAD 2400 HD - Super Heavy Duty Power Radionics Device

Orgone Generator

Well, it is best used inside a Welz orgone generator or in a TC99 transfer couple or PBT2400 power booster.  So, you use orgonite by using a Welz Chi Generator.  How does a Welz Chi Generator work? By stimulating the orgonite inside the generator with a specifically designed pulse the material is excited and begins to generate and concentrate orgone energy which then collects at the output pipe.  That orgone energy is now ready to be put a purpose by your mind.  There are several ways to go about this.  #1. Use radionics software such as Super Manifestation Ultimate, Manifestation or Reality Boost Jr.  #2 Use a standalone radionics device such as the RAD 2400HD or RAD 1000.  #3 Use a TC99 transfer couple or PBT 2400 powerbooster to transfer the orgone/chi energy directly to you.

JU1000 and RealityBoost Jr Bundle

Now you can take advantage of genuine orgonite by using a Welz Chi Generator Radionics Device. For beginners we recommend a radionics starter kit which includes a JU1000 device, a meditation DVD and Super Manifestation or a Manifestation program.

The RAD-5  Top of the Line Orgone Radionics™

Be exited and prepare to change your life using the magick of the future, one manifestation at time with the POWER of ORGONE ENERGY!

Advanced ORGONE RADIONICS MASTERS may graduate to a super device such as the RAD-5 professional radionics workstation.

The most important things to understand about orgonite is that YOU can use it to manifest your desires at lightning speed.  With an orgone powered device you have the most powerful secret of the law of attraction – life force.  Whether you wish to attract a new love, business success and money, enhanced mind power, mind control over others, psychic abilities, and more the Welz Chi Generator and radionic devices are your fast track to success.    Remember if it is not genuine Welz/BEC/HSCTI it is not the real thing! 

  • Orgonite is a regsitered trademark of Karl Welz/HSCTI/BEC