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Introducing the Newly Redesigned RAD-5 Psychotronics Radionics Box and Chi Generator

The new RAD-5 Power Radionics Device

We are proud to announce the release of the all new RAD-5.  This new design reclaims the original name, RAD5 but succeeds the last version which was called the ATG-5.

With the addition of precision frequency monitoring for all 5 orgone generators and a more powerful generator system the RAD-5 is a professional powerhouse for manifestation, radionics, psychotronics and psionics work.

Using Psychotronics to Manifest Your Desires?

Manifestation can be boosted with the aid of a chi generator as you may well know by now.  Readers have been asking lately about the use of psychotronics machines for manifestation.  Quite simply radionics devices with chi generators are a form of psychotronic device.  The Welz chi generator and its powerful field of life force energy will amplify and boost psychic abilities if that is the desired radionic trend.

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