SXP 20 – The Sex Pack – 20 cards Radionics Filter Cards


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SXP 20 – The Sex Pack – 20 cards
The Sex-Pack is designed to bridge the gap between you and total sexual ecstasy with the partner that fits you best!  It is a set of archetypal links with the trends that you can apply in most situations that arise in a relationship.  For instance, the sex-pack can help you find this special person who is the love of your life.  Describe the person whom you want to meet and put the filters of the sex-pack to work! If you like to cause someone you know to look more favorably at you, select the appropriate filters to draw that special person towards you and boost it with the life energy from the Welz Chi Generator! If you need to rekindle an existing relationship and bring variation into your sex life, the Sex-Pack has the right filters for this purpose! 
There is something for every taste and for every desire in this extraordinary set of archetypal designs!

Sex Pack
Thrillingly Romantic
Magnetic Appeal
Project Strength
Project Security
Wild Abandon Lust
Erotic Power Fem.
Erotic Power Male
Boost Sexual Arousal
Erotic Thought
Attract Partner
New Love
Solidify Existing Love
Special Love
Marital Love
Emotional Outbursts

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