Super Manifestation X 2021 UPGRADE


Super Manifestation X 2021 RADIONICS SOFTWARE OFFICIAL HSCTI KARL WELZ SOFTWARE made by RadionicsBox now available.

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Super Manifestation X 2021 Radionics Software Program Top of the Line

Best Radionics Software – Ultimate Most Powerful Ever

Super Manifestation X 2021 is the latest version of the top of the line Super Manifestation radionics software.  It is compatible with all versions of Windows.
IF YOU ARE A PREVIOUS CUSTOMER OF click here to contact us and get the upgrade.  If you purchased from another distributor contact them to see if you qualify for a free upgrade.

The most powerful and versatile radionics software program ever created, Super Manifestation X 2021.

With powerful features like operation sequencing (aka Barrage Mode), 28 radionic positions and rates, interactive rate dialing with double precision, virtual stickpad, a huge collection of radionic filters and much more.
Now includes massive set of filters, prebuilt operations and more.
This complete bundle includes ALL optional package files, images, backgrounds, sounds and more!

Super Manifestation X is the ULTIMATE in Welz Radionics Technology.
This is an instant download version. Shortly you will receive an email with a link to download the software.
You can not use the software without your Chi Transfer Diagram. The Chi Transfer diagram is REQUIRED to run the program!

Your Chi Transfer diagram will be personally emailed to you by us. We strive to send them out as soon as possible. It may only take minues or a few hours to a day.

You will need to print a copy (ONE AND ONLY ONE) copy of the Chi Transfer diagram to place on your Welz Chi Generator.

Do not print more than one or you will damage the structural link!

INCLUDES a complete filter set, pre built operations,sound files and more.

The most comprehensive radionics software program ever developed

  • 28 positions for ultimate flexibility.  This is like having a construction kit to make any radionics program that you want.  You can create your own custom designed radionics program within Super Manifestation Ultimate!
  • Advanced internal radionic modeling technology which creates a virtual radionic device in memory. This virtualization goes far beyond moving images on the screen by adapting detailed structural link models devised by Karl Welz and implementing them into this radionic software.
  • This software embodies Karl Welz ultimate vision for radionics software