RAD1000 and Super Manifestation X 2021


With this package you will have everything you need to get started with powerful action at a distance!
Get a RAD1000, Super Manifestation Ultimate download version), and Digital Meditation DVD

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With this package you will have everything you need to get started with powerful action at a distance!
Get a RAD1000, Super Manifestation X download version), and Digital Meditation DVD

The RAD 1000 – 3-Dial Radionics™ Device
Built-in orgone generator® – more powerful than the JU 99 series (about twice), silver tubing output, stick pad, use the output as a well for the target and/or trend setup.

The RAD 1000 is a three-dial Radionics device with a built-in orgone generator®.

The three radionics dials are used to connect with a specific desired trend and/or target of your radionicsoperation. The radionics rate determines the frequency of the orgone generator. The orgone generator intensifies the action and provides the life force (“psionic power”) to succeed.

A combination of radionics and orgone physics guarantees powerful operations for assured success. It is Power Radionics™!

Uses: The radionics device is “the universal structural link”.  Rather than using a symbol (such as a card of any one of the filter “packs”) to determine a trend energy that is designed to a desired effect, the 3-dial radionicsdevice utilizes settings (rates) of the envisioned energies.  For more insights about the use of structural links and life force, we recommend that you study the course “Magic of the Future” by Karl Hans Welz.

Use the three dial device to establish a desired trend-target combination or to set a trend for the person who is carrying the transfer disk or any other link to the device.

You can greatly expand the Flexibility and Potential of this radionics device with the REality Boost Jr or with the Supermanifestation Program!

Use the optional TC 99 Transfer Couple for secured transfer of life energy (orgone energy, Chi).


Super Manifestation X 2021 Radionics Software Program Top of the Line

The most powerful and versatile radionics software program ever created, Super Manifestation. With powerful features like operation sequencing (aka Barrage Mode), 28 radionic positions and rates, interactive rate dialing with double precision, virtual stickpad, a huge collection of radionic filters and much more.
Now includes massive set of filters, prebuilt operations and more.
This complete bundle includes ALL optional package files, images, backgrounds, sounds and more!

Super Manifestation is the ULTIMATE in Welz Radionics Technology.
This is an instant download version. Shortly you will receive an email with a link to download the software.
You can not use the software without your Chi Transfer Diagram. The Chi Transfer diagram is REQUIRED to run the program!

Your Chi Transfer diagram will be personally emailed to you by us. We strive to send them out as soon as possible. It may only take minues or a few hours to a day.

You will need to print a copy (ONE AND ONLY ONE) copy of the Chi Transfer diagram to place on your Welz Chi Generator.

Do not print more than one or you will damage the structural link!

INCLUDES a complete filter set, pre built operations,sound files and more.

The most comprehensive radionics software program ever developed

  • 28 positions for ultimate flexibility.  This is like having a construction kit to make any radionics program that you want.  You can create your own custom designed radionics program within Super Manifestation Ultimate!
  • Advanced internal radionic modeling technology which creates a virtual radionic device in memory. This virtualization goes far beyond moving images on the screen by adapting detailed structural link models devised by Karl Welz and implementing them into this radionic software.
  • This software embodies Karl Welz ultimate vision for radionics software


The Digital Meditation DVD is used to put your mind in the proper brainwave pattern to optimize your manifestations when working with the software and the Chi Generator.
Digital Meditation DVD has six presentations and a total length of sixty-nine minutes. All six presentations are designed to stimulate Alpha/Theta brainwave activity. Here is a brief description of each presentation:

Track 1 “Exploration” – 10:00 minutes. Beginning with shades of blue and white that fade into blacks and greys, morphing into patterns best described as single cell images in constant motion and change, slowly becoming rich varieties of blue and white that redirect your eyes through bursting patterns that flow beyond the screen. The pulsed frequencies are all within the alpha brainwave state, with the conclusion of this presentation being an ‘uplifting’ sensation.

Track 2 “Enchantment” – 10:46 minutes. You will be seeing a rainbow of colors, even a mountain peak if you are observant. This session should give you the sensation of being on an inner-journey; of looking outward but seeing within, ending with a sense of celebration.

Track 3″Transcendence” – 11:52 minutes. Hear water hitting the shoreline, directing shades of blue and green that appear as layer upon layer of patterns and swirls. There are circles, like a tunnel, that take you deep into the very center of this presentation. Along the way, look for the skyline from eastern Utah. Listen as the multitude of colors are constantly redirected by the music. This track combines alpha and theta frequencies for a meditative experience, yet is entertaining and capable of helping produce creative thoughts.

Track 4 “Rebirth” – 15:01 minutes. The sounds of lapping water and birds prepare you for this ride. The screen is filled with slowly twisting shades of blue, white, red, purple and green. The sound is mixed with frequencies in the alpha and theta brainwave range. And they all collide, imploding and exploding in unison, creating visuals that are totally out of control, concluding in synchronous harmony.

Track 5 “Serenity” – 15:03 minutes. Strobing colors on a blue background, growing into layers like currents of sound. The music, combined with alpha and theta beat frequencies, redirect the colorful panorama of swirls and cloud-like formations, ever morphing, down to the smallest image. A gentle experience, concluding as softly as it began.

Track 6 “Regeneration” – 6:18 minutes. This session will guide you through inner-space just as if you are the pilot and the screen is your navigator. You see a variety of blues, greens and whites transform into shades of red, green and purple, and as you float along, you are treated to a dazzling, yet refreshing, display of colors.