Performer 2400 II Pro Heavy Duty Specialty Device Orgone Generator


The Performer 2400 is a Top of the Line Heavy Duty Chi Generator®. Initially this extra powerful dual-HD device has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of persons who are active in martial arts, and naturally the performer is extremely useful in all types…

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The Chi Generators® (Orgone Generators™®)
The purpose of the Chi Generator® is to energize yourself and to add power to all of your actions at a distance, such as in combination with a radionics program or with an older-type radionics device, i.e., any radionics device without a built-in Chi Generator®. All radionics devices from HSCTI have built-in generators of life energy (Chi Generators®)

The Performer 2400 = Heavy Duty Specialty Device 
Sports Performance Enhancement that Spells Success !!!
Some people are inclined to call it an energetic steroid, which is perfectly legal and defies detection !!! 

The Performer 2400 is a Top of the Line Heavy Duty Chi Generator® that is specifically designed to meet the requirements of persons who are active in competitive sports, fitness training, and body building. You can use it to help boost your performance, and, above all, unlike other performance enhancing methods, it is perfectly legal, it defies detection and it spells success! There are some folks who call this exceptional tool of power the ultimate unfair advantage! 

The Performer 2400 features a built-in Frequency Module that has been designed for twelve precision low pulse settings. Each of these frequencies has a special purpose that is important for your power performance: 

   1. Very relaxing (“Endorphin frequency”), strengthens lower back, positive organ-muscle resonances,
   2. “HGH-frequency”, helps develop muscle in general, rejuvenation effects, rapid recovery

   3. Reduces exhaustion, additional energy for extra reps.
   4. Concentration and Precision, especially for golf, target practice, etc., reduces fear
   5. Vitality, focus on: Arms, Shoulders, Upper Back, Chest
   6. Vitality, focus on: Abs, Legs, Glutes
   7. Grounding, anti-mind control, improved stress tolerance; feeling revitalized like you have spent a day in the country; enhanced learning and acquiring of routines, mind-body coordination
   8. Coordination, mood elevator, sense of well-being & decreased pain, especially for hangover & jet lag, improved learning, centering, increase physical strength, especially for weak muscle groups
   9. Mind/body unity, enhancing and activating supplements
   10. Energy, vitality, good to impose subconscious commands on another (body language that projects confidence of winning, etc.), therefore good to win competitions, rejuvenation effects, enhances muscle builders
   11. Confidence of victory in sports, increased aggression, “energetic steroid”
   12. Desensitizer; enhanced vigor & alertness, more reps, stamina and endurance

The Performer 2400 supplies you with continuous Chi energy! It includes a Transfer Couple for smooth and continuous supply of powerful life force. For added power, use a Power Booster with Transfer Disk (PBT 2400).

Of course, you can use the Performer 2400 the same way as you use any other Chi Generator™, in conjunction with the Super Manifestation™ Program or with any filters of your choice! In fact, with the Radionics Program, you have added versatiliy, which can be of a decisive help especially in competition.

ThePerformer 2400 with the Potency Booster

The manual that comes with your Performer 2400 HD will tell you how to use this exceptional device for success in sports competitions, and then some!