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Super Manifestation Ultimate 2.1 - 2014

Super Manifestation Ultimate 2.1 - 2014

Super Manifestation Ultimate 2.1 - 2014
Prepare yourself for the most powerful and versatile radionics software program ever created, Super Manifestation Ultimate 2.0 2012.
Just released May 7, 2012! Now includes massive set of filters, prebuilt operations and more.
This complete bundle includes ALL optional package files, images, backgrounds, sounds and more!

NEW FEATURE UPDATE: New mode "Hop Mode"

Super Manifestation is the ULTIMATE in Welz Radionics Technology.
This is an instant download version. Shortly you will receive an email with a link to download the software.
You can not use the software without your Chi Transfer Diagram. The Chi Transfer diagram is REQUIRED to run the program!

Your Chi Transfer diagram will be personally emailed to you by us. We strive to send them out as soon as possible. It may only take minues or a few hours to a day.

You will need to print a copy (ONE AND ONLY ONE) copy of the Chi Transfer diagram to place on your Welz Chi Generator.

Do not print more than one or you will damage the structural link!

If you wish to have a Chi Transfer Diagram CD and printed, laminated copy be sent to you use the option selection below.

INCLUDES a complete filter set, pre built operations,sound files and more.
This is the ALL-NEW 2012 version Fully Windows 7 Compatible.
Our price: $499.00
I want a laminated transfer diagram shipped to me
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