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PCHD 2400 Heavy Duty PC-Sound driven Chi Generator

PCHD 2400 Heavy Duty PC-Sound driven Chi Generator

PCHD 2400 Heavy Duty PC-Sound driven Chi Generator

The Chi Generators® (Orgone Generators™®)
The purpose of the Chi Generator® is to energize yourself and to add power to all of your actions at a distance, such as in combination with a radionics program or with an older-type radionics device, i.e., any radionics device without a built-in Chi Generator®. All radionics devices from HSCTI have built-in generators of life energy (Chi Generators®)


The PCHD 2400:  A Heavy Duty Orgone Generator® - ideal for meditation and to turn your affirmations into reality.
Simply plug it into the sound output of your PC, with the manifestation program running or looping a specific frequency - or into the output of any CD Player or MP3 player.  Instead of a specific frequency, you can use an affirmation, which you speak into a microphone and save - and you loop it either as part of the software or from yn MP3 player.
This naturally will repeat the affirmation continuously and proect it as a life force frequency.

The PCHD 2400 is a top of the Line Orgone Generator®, silver tubing output, with transfer couple TC 99, built-in voltage regulator, ready to use. More than three times the power of the LPOG 2400 DL.  Add to its power with the PBT 2400 Power Booster with Transfer Disk.  As you have read above, the PCHD is the ideal machine to repeat affirmations as pulsating life energy and as such it is the most effective method to turn your affirmations into reality.  Call us in the online video store and we can show you how it works!

Low Frequencies, Mind Machines, and the PCHD 2400

For you to appreciate the special characteristics of the PCHD 2400 and the other devices with low frequency options (the LPOG 2400 and RAD 2400 series as well as the EPU 2400 and PCHD 2400), it is good to know about low frequency technology.  Perhaps the most important method of effective self-improvement prior to the invention of the Chi Generator® by Karl Hans Welz resulted from new knowledge of the working of the human brain.  It has been well established that every thought, feeling, sensation and level of awareness has a corresponding brain wave pattern, or frequency.  Consequently, you can determine the level of awareness that you want to harness for your success by controlling your brain waves.  We know of Alpha, Beta, Theta, and Delta brain waves, all in the low frequency range from approximately 1 Hz to 30 Hz (cycles per second). Gamma frequencies are above 30 Hz.

This method of controlling brain waves with low frequency input is not new at all.  In the 1930’s researchers found that repetitive light and/or sound stimulation caused brain waves to adjust to the same frequency.  For decades now, some “new age gurus” and other cult leaders made extensive use of repetitive sound pulses, often of the inaudible and subliminal kind. They know very well that this method can make their captive audiences more receptive to their preaching.  Much earlier than that, as far back in time as the very dawn of humankind, shamans used drumming (repetitive pulses, or beats, of low frequency) to put their audiences into altered states and cause them to have experiences that they would not have in their normal state of daily activities. In our times, this type of pulse or “beat” is used in many situations where the capturing of audiences and the temporary control of their habits and especially their minds is considered to be important.  Just think about fashion shows, exercise machine advertising, TV commercials, military training, church meetings, and infomercial pitches to the public, to name just a few, and the excessively rhythmic music played on these occasions.

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